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Laser Welding

Laser Welding International, Inc

Serving the U.S., Mexico, Canada & Latin America

What is a Tailor Welded Blank?

A tailored welded blank is often composed of several flat sheets of steel, each having different strengths, thicknesses and/or finishes. The blank welding process welds these individual sheets together before they are stamped into a single auto-body panel. Laser Welding International, Inc. offers both linear (straight-line) and curve-a-linear laser welding of blanks.

When compared to the conventional manufacturing method, tailor welded blanks offer many advantages. The conventional manufacturing method utilizes several stampings to form these individual sheets which are later spot welded to create a single panel such as a door inner. By reducing several manufacturing sets, the blank welding process significantly reduces the time and cost to produce these complex auto body panels. However, as you will see below there are advantages beyond cost savings associated with using tailor welded blanks.

Advantages of Tailor Welded Blanks

There are several advantages gained from using tailor welded blanks, including: